1.- Does my Policy Provides Coverage in the United States?

No, tourist vehicle insurance policy is only for tourist vehicles traveling within Mexico; Understanding the definition of "tourist vehicle" as any vehicle not registered in the country for which coverage is being purchased.

2.- Which Coverage is Provided by the Tourist Vehicle Insurance Policy?

Most US and Canadian insurance policies stop protecting you as soon as you cross the border into Mexico and cannot provide assistance to you for any accident, damages or theft,  the Tourist Vehicle policy provides coverage for you, while you visit Mexico.

3.- Which Documents Should I keep in my Vehicle?

     - Your Tourist Insurance Vehicle Policy
     - Title / registration (Title deed)
     - Declaration of temporary vehicle importation  

4.- How can I know what is Covered by my Insurance Policy?

You will receive your policy and general conditions by e-mail, where you will find your insurance coverage. You can also enter to the "coverage" section.

5.- What Types of Vehicles can be Covered under the Tourist Vehicle Policy?

Under the Tourist Vehicle policy, coverage is provided for the following types of vehicles:
     1. Standard automobile.
     2. Larger automobiles: Pick Up, Mini van, Van, Suv's

6.- What Types of Vehicles can´t be Covered in this Policy?

Vehicles transporting:
    • Explosives
    • Flammables, combustible
    • Chemicals, corrosives
    • All types of waste

As well as:
    •Classic and old Vehicles
    •Vehicles that are not in the Kelly Blue Book
    • Armored vehicles for transportation of valuables
    •Vehicles of competition, speed or endurance tests
    •Vehicles used for teaching or instruction handling, transfer operation or  demonstration vehicles.

7. Where can I get a Quote for Different Type of Vehicles?

For vehicles as:
    • Motorcycle
    • Motorhome
    • Bus
You need to contact one of our agents, which will offer packages and coverages that best suits your needs.

8.- Why is my Payment Rejected?

The main reasons why a payments are rejected:
    • There are no enough funds
    • The card number is incorrect (verify month and year).
    • Incorrect NIP
    • Transactional failure (try again).
    • Declined card
    • Invalid amount

9. Can I ask for a Reprint of my Policy?

You can ask for a duplicate of your policy directly to the following number: CALIFORNIA OFFICE Hours Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm PST Mailing Address in USA PO Box 437910 San Ysidro, CA 92143, USA Tel. (619) 662 1194 Fax (619) 6621106 Toll free: 1-800-357-0091

10.- What to do in Case of Accident?

Procedure in case of accident:
- Have your policy number at hand.
- The number you should call from Mexico in case of accident is:
Toll free: 01-800-02-663-58 or 01-800-02-665-51
For relevant information call immediately to:
- Any accident must be reported to MAPFRE before leaving Mexico and while your policy is unexpired, otherwise, your claim may be denied.
- Do not negotiate or reach any agreements with third parties before MAPFRE arrives.

11. How does the Deductible Work?

For Material damage: The deductible is 2% of the insured amount, with a minimum of 500 USD for cars and 1,000 USD for pick-up, Suv and Vans's.
For Total theft: The deductible is 5% of the insured amount, with a minimum of 1,000 USD for cars and 1,500 USD for pick-up, Suv and Vans's.
In case of accident: The deductible is the amount you are responsible for paying.


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