Read your Insurance Coverage and Have a Better Use of Them

Material Damages

It covers the material loss or damages suffered by the vehicle, as a consequence of collision, overturning or the breakage of glass, fire, lightning and explosion, strikes and riots, meteorological and other phenomena.

Total Theft

It covers the theft of the entire vehicle in question.

Medical Expenses to occupants

It covers the expenses (such as hospitalization, medical care, nurses, ambulance service and burial expenses) incurred by the insured party or an occupant on the insured vehicle by reason of personal injuries sustained while riding in the cab designed for passengers, caused by collision or overturning of the vehicle.

Legal Defense

It includes legal defense of the insured party, or of the driver, up to the conclusion of any legal action, the petition of bail or guaranty, before the District Attorney or the corresponding legal authority, in order to secure temporary release or conditional sentence, if applicable.

Travel Assistance

It covers unlimited technical assistance, towing of the vehicle, gas, change of rims and other benefits while you are on your trip.

Liability for the damage of property and personal injury of third

It covers property damage liability of the Insured Party when the vehicle, due to accident, causes material damage to any property not owned by the
Insured Party.

It also covers civil liability for death or injuries caused by accident of the vehicle.

Together, both coverages might function as Combined Single Limit (CSL)

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